Podcast #9: Triggers, Pleasure & Stories of Empaths and Energy Vampires

Join Michaela in this in-depth Q&A from a recent Wild Women’s Way immersion in California.

Topics include:

  • Triggers and trauma
  • The difference between trauma triggers and being a highly sensitive person
  • How to become an empath and develop the feeling skills
  • Michaela demonstrates empath skill to find a lost earring in the workshop room
  • Stories of empathic ability
  • How to navigate being a highly sensitive person without wrecking your nervous system
  • Recommended resources for highly sensitive people
  • The common pitfalls in self development and how to avoid them
  • What to do when your man can’t handle the pleasure you want to give him
  • How to give to a man without burdening him
  • How to set boundaries around pleasure
  • Where will my man’s extra sexual energy go if i say no to him?
  • The dynamics of the martyr
  • Michaela’s personal strategies for regulating high sensitivity and detoxing from negative influences
  • How to deal with energy vampires
  • Your clients are not your children
  • How to kill a man’s sex drive even without realizing it
  • Sex with a skilled man vs God sex
  • How to cultivate God sex
  • How to bring God sex into your existing sexual lifeFor all events and trainings: www.michaelaboehm.com