Podcast #7: Jade Eggs, Shamanism, and the Sexually Dominant Male

Join Michaela in this podcast as she covers a wide range of topics including:

  • jade eggs
  • kegels
  • masculine imprints
  • the imprint of a sexually dominant male
  • how to cleanse an imprint
  • how to cleanse generational imprints and trauma
  • new science on shamanic ritual and PTSD
  • devotional practice in Michaela’s tradition of Kashmiri Shaivism
  • how to get what you want from a man
  • pick-up artists and parasites
  • the asana of surrender for the sake of sexual play
  • the myth of female testing
  • life and death in the Tantric traditions
  • what makes a valuable sexual partner
  • the pros and cons of using a relationship for healing
  • the spiritual myth of female surrender
  • how a good man guides

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