Podcast #3: Over 1hr of Live Workshop Q&A!

Michaela Boehm’s Podcast #3 is a jam packed Q&A session in which Michaela and Steve field a variety of in-depth questions:


Topics include:

  • the role of gender and comments on the outdated masculine/feminine dogma
  • natural preference vs being limited by gender roles
  • how to create erotic tension
  • how Steve and Michaela teach
  • somatic education and the art of open enquiry
  • the delusion of ‘pushing your edge’
  • what does embodiment actually mean?
  • how to move from the gross to the subtle
  • yogic enquiry and ahimsa/non-violence
  • Michaela’s early training
  • homeostasis, equilibrium, and self-improvement
  • the prevalence of state pumping over education in workshops
  • true education and learning that sticks
  • male sexual compromise and abuse
  • how men are trained to fear women’s negative response to their independence
  • the consequences of saying ‘no’ to a woman
  • should i stay in contact with my ex’s
  • can hurts in marriage ever be healed?
  • how to create space for individuality as well as togetherness in a busy marriage
  • should I give up my motorbike now that I’m a father?
  • being the eternal caretaker
  • how to learn to say no and stand up for yourself

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