Podcast #20: Finding a Man, Oxytocin, and the Sisterhood

Join Michaela in this live Q&A from her recent Wild Woman’s Way Retreat at the Esalen Institute.

Topics include:

  • Women’s practice and the unique energetics of a woman’s body
  • The effects of the demands of modern life on a woman’s body
  • Pleasure as a woman’s birthright
  • How to deal with an awakening of your sexual energy
  • Keys to unlocking embodiment
  • What to do with excess sexual energy
  • How to infuse a house or a business with living energy
  • Channeling energy into creativity
  • Combining with nature to recycle your energy
  • Using your energy to call in your future partner
  • Defining your ideal man and clarifying your desire for a future partner
  • Don’t date potential
  • How to actually use lists to call in a partner
  • Non-negotiables in selecting a partner
  • Michaela’s advice for men
  • Don’t go to the supermarket hungry
  • Advice for casual sex
  • The unprecedented choice that modern women enjoy
  • The oxytocin high and the power of hormones
  • Female vs male experiences of oxytocin
  • Hooking a man with sex
  • How to bond a man to you
  • The number one factor for a successful long term relationship
  • How to kill a relationship
  • How to tell if your movement expression is authentic or a copycat?
  • Discipline vs spontaneity
  • How women learn
  • The world of women in tribal culture
  • High agreeableness and the urge to be accepted
  • The juxtaposition of the tribal sisterhood and modern competition
  • Edge pushing is not conducive to integration
  • Effective learning strategies that stick
  • How to give your man feedback with generosity
  • The double bind of unreasonable female expectation