Podcast #19: Studs, Masochists, and Deep Relaxation

This episode is from a Q&A from a recent live 5-Day Intensive.

Topics include:

  • When should I leave a difficult relationship and when should I persevere?
  • Masochistic relationship patterns
  • Why are you in relationship?
  • Using relationships for personal growth
  • Various motivations for personal growth
  • Choosing a difficult partner
  • How childhood patterns influence relationship
  • The cost of difficult relationships on the nervous system
  • Tension as the cap of depth
  • What does it mean to accept someone as they really are?
  • Why you can’t date potential
  • Changing a habit in relationships
  • Michaela on the idea of opposites attract
  • The foundations of a successful long term relationship
  • What do I do if I don’t like a particular flavor?
  • What quality can a man provide that will cause most women to overlook all her complaints?
  • The local neighborhood stud
  • Resentments, nagging, and sex
  • Strategies to unravel negative childhood patterns that affect today’s relationships
  • How cognitive patterns of conditioning operate
  • Somatic release vs Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Michaela’s advice on practicing as a single man