Podcast #17: Freeing Patterns, Energetic Mastery, and the Tantric Wedding Singer

Join Michaela and Steve in this Q&A from their new Lineage and Liberation Workshop.

Topics include:

  • Body-based trauma approaches
  • Summary of the emergent field of somatic trauma research
  • The subtleties and pitfalls of releasing trauma in the body
  • The Grinberg Method
  • The pitfalls of cathartic release approaches
  • The Non-Linear Movement Method® as a trauma release approach
  • How to unlock sensitivity
  • The paradigm of pain
  • Working with the stress response
  • Sensitivity and overwhelm
  • The importance of learning distinctions
  • How to improve psycho-sexual reaction time
  • How to radically increase bodily pleasure
  • Psychedelics and trauma release
  • Catharsis and retraumatization
  • The psychology of addiction
  • How Michaela teaches people to work with anxiety
  • The mechanics of a panic attack
  • Detecting unconscious energy leaks
  • Escaping energy vampires
  • Childhood patterns that create vulnerability to exploitation
  • The different lines of Kashmiri Shaivism and establishing authenticity
  • Steve on The Tantric Wedding Singer
  • The root text of Michaela’s lineage
  • The role of discipline in tantric training
  • Michaela’s advice to younger women