Podcast #15: The Wild Woman’s Way

Join Michaela for an in-depth look at her powerful body of work for women: The Wild Woman’s Way®.Recorded live at a workshop in Europe, this audio lays out deep principles of sacred feminine consideration as well as a biographical account of Michaela’s history in women’s work, her early tantric training, and stories of her original teacher.

Topics include:

  • Michaela’s background in women’s practice
  • The story of Michaela’s first teacher
  • What tantra really has to offer the modern woman
  • The death and lineage transmission of Michaela’s first teacher
  • Considerations for women in high stress lifestyles
  • The Origins of the Wild Woman’s Way
  • Women’s unique energetic systems
  • The importance of embodiment for women
  • The principles of energetic training
  • Misconceptions about femininity
  • Embodiment and feeling
  • Strategies to avoid feeling
  • Retraumatization in tantra workshops
  • Effective strategies to release old pain
  • Living from the heart
  • How do you get more pleasure?
  • The Non-Linear Movement Method
  • Widening your repertoire of energetic flavors
  • Finding and bringing out your own unique flavor and gifts
  • How to recover from having opened too far in aggressive tantra workshops
  • The vagus nerve in women
  • Can I be feminine and still kick ass?
  • How do I attract a man when I feel shut down?