Podcast #14: The Witch, the Jesuit, and the Tantrika

Join Michaela and Steve in an excerpt from a wide-spanning lecture on the five elements as found in tantric sexual practice, shamanism, and more…


Topics include:

  • Why the five elements are at the core of most esoteric practices
  • Different ways to think about the elements as a modern person
  • Michaela’s early training in the five elements
  • Stories of the herb witch of Michaela’s childhood village
  • Comparing the use of the five elements in the world’s shamanic tradition
  • The influence of the shamanistic religion on Bon on Tibetan Buddhism
  • Lessons to learn from the absorption of Tibetan folk religion into Buddhism
  • Catholic-Celtic crossovers and Rudolf Steiner in Austria
  • Tantric terms for the elements
  • The senses and the elements
  • The properties of ether
  • The elements in God sex and advanced tantric practice
  • The light and dark sides of each element
  • The elements as a typology system of personality
  • Further explanation of application of the earth element
  • Earth and pleasure and sexual practice