Podcast #13: Lineage and Liberation – Healing Family Trauma, Freeing the Line

Join Michaela in this talk from the recent Lineage and Liberation Workshop in Europe. This is our newest offering, link at the bottom.

Topics include:

  • Your unique imprint of love
  • How childhood experiences determine future relationships
  • How early parental influence affects our strategies for getting love
  • Why negative relationship dynamics can be interpreted as love by the inner child
  • Why we turn our lovers into our parents
  • Family stories and mottos
  • The emerging science of epigenetics
  • The good news about healing trauma
  • The very surprising methods that actually work to address familial trauma
  • Ethno-botanicals and shamanism
  • The key elements of shamanic ritual that heal ancestral wounds
  • The breaking of taboos in Michaela’s lineage as a shamanistic technique
  • The benefits of understanding your lineage