Podcast #1: Live Byron Bay Workshop Q&A!

Welcome to the first episode of Michaela’s new podcast!

In this 55 min recording we are releasing the highlights of her recent Melbourne “Wild Women’s Way” Q&A.

Some of the topics:

  • Why good relationship and hot sex often don’t mix
  • What to do when the passion and sexual heat diminishes
  • The dynamics of sexual polarity
  • Psycho-sexual asana and attracting a partner
  • Common mistakes and pitfalls within the ‘masculine/feminine’ perspective
  • How to embody your sexual essence
  • Practical examples of how to polarize your man into his masculine
  • What is required to truly prepare a woman’s body and develop energetic sensitivity and conductivity as a woman
  • Menstruation, blood magic and controlling one’s orgasm
  • The functions and pitfalls of a following a Guru
  • Michaela’s take on yoni mapping and professional male yoni masseuses
  • Holistic recommendations on women’s hormone issues
  • Michaela’s opinion on Kegel exercises and pelvic floor health

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