Podcast #27: Kundalini Psychosis, Yogic Expression, and Dating Over 40

In this episode, Michaela Boehm works directly with women in a live Q&A excerpt from her recent Wild Woman’s Way® Intensive in Ojai California. Topics include:

• Strategies for freeing frozen expression
• Liberating the voice
• The psychological and physical muscle of expression
• The geographical and historical factors in expressiveness
• Principles of skill development
• Technique vs artistry
• Specific advice on voice and face training
• Singing as yogic training
• The power of the haka and Chinese opera
• When should you leave a relationship and when should you dig in?
• Michaela asks question about a new relationship in which the sex isn’t working
• Advice for dating in your 40s and 50s
• Strategies for interrupting relationship patterns
• Why do I always pick psychologically unstable men?
• Working with patterns of religious guilt and shame around sex
• A woman has a history of her partners having psychotic breaks
• Patterns of inadequacy and how to undo habits of invalidation
• A woman struggling with her partner’s body temperature
• The phases of sexual attraction in long term marriage
• A mantra for healing relationships
• Why it’s so important to give love before it’s too late

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