Podcast #24: High Performance Tantra, the Glass Ceiling, and Billy Connolly’s Banjo

In this episode, Michaela Boehm and Steve James offer a live Q&A excerpt from a recent Man Unbound™ Weekend Intensive in Ojai California. Topics include:

• Specific and counter-intuitive strategies to reignite the spark in a relationship
• A case study of corresponding trauma patterns in a relationship
• The process of learning high level sexual skill
• Unraveling limiting patterns in the body
• The difference between effortless mastery and the amateur’s glass ceiling
• Developmental cul-de-sacs
• Poor skill instruction in tantra and the banjo
• Metabolizing information through the body
• Integrating ground-level change in the nervous system
• Cultivating interest over efficiency
• Balancing enjoyment with results
• High performance sex vs a good sex life
• How do I grow in sexual practice if my partner is uninterested?
• Are there practices to help me be with my partner’s anger and abuse?
• Why men accept abuse in relationship
• How to deal with a partner who persistently gets triggered and aggressive
• The limitations of meditation in dealing with trauma
• Recommendations for dealing with accumulated trauma

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