Podcast #23: Women, Boundaries, and the Sacred Female Lineage

In this episode, Michaela Boehm discusses women’s unique challenges with setting personal boundaries, making the ordinary sacred, and stories of her early training in Kashmir Shaivism. Topics include:

• Competition and people pleasing among women
• Expressing strong emotions with an open heart
• How to set boundaries without destroying the relationship
• Why women struggle to set boundaries
• Setting boundaries with friends
• Setting boundaries in sexually predatory situations
• The open heart and your sixth sense 

• The power of full feeling awareness
• The history of female cooperation and competition
• The doormat with teeth
• Michaela’s journey as a teacher
• Apprenticing to a herb witch as a teenager
• Details about her early tantric training
• The personality and teaching style of Michaela’s Indian teacher
• How Michaela endured her teacher’s initial training requirements
• Learning tracking, silent movement, and navigating in nature
• The overlaps between Jungian psychology and Kashmir Shaivism
• Early struggles when arriving in LA and the birth of the Wild Woman’s Way®
• Who qualifies for lineage instruction
• The death of Michaela’s teacher and receiving the lineage
• Reorienting towards finding a successor and transmitting the lineage
• The philosophy of the Wild Woman’s Way®
• Empowering women without reinforcing limiting stereotypes
• Fostering the individual’s talents
• Making sacred practice out of the drudgery of women’s lives

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