Podcast #22: Steve Interviews Michaela – Wildfire & Overcoming Adversity

In this episode, Steve James interviews Michaela Boehm for a special episode about facing adversity. (This episode was first featured on Steve’s ‘Guru Viking Interview Series’)

Steve’s Intro:

Michaela’s house was destroyed in the Thomas fire, the largest wild fire in California state history. We discuss the story of what happened, how Michaela used her extensive training and lifetime of practice to face this crisis, and the surprisingly inspiring themes of determination and community.

Disasters of any kind are something we all hope to avoid but that can happen to any of us at any time. There are many useful lessons and takeaways in Michaela’s story for facing adversity and for supporting others who are in times of crisis.

Topics include:
• Michaela’s house destroyed by Thomas Fire, the largest wildfire in California State history
• 50ft fire walls sweeping across the landscape at the speed of an acre a minute
• The race from Europe to California and entering a disaster zone
• How different people coped with the shock and trauma
• Fight, flight, and freeze responses
• Michaela’s game plan and personal shock-prevention strategies
• How to use the fight or flight response without being overwhelmed by it
• Working with trauma after the initial event
• Working productively in a stressful situation
• Body movement as the key to unlocking freeze and trauma
• Why Michaela prioritizes beautifying her environment and the positive effects of ordering your environment
• The practice of Vastu and the practical tips on organizing your surroundings
• Stepping down from daily activity to nighttime rest
• Using water to de-stress and cleanse
• Michaela’s favorite meditation approach to relax and open the body
• Journalling and Jungian dream work as tools of psychological integration
• Self-care in times of adversity
• Epigenetics and archetypal work around loss and fire
• Unusual conversations with the insurance adjuster
• The inspiring resilience of human beings in the face of adversity
• How to effectively support others in a crisis (and not make things worse)
• Unexpected acts of kindness
• The strength of community in a crisis
• Final thoughts

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