Podcast #21: Shadow Tantra, Secrets of Achievement, and the Unformed Noodle

In this episode, Michaela Boehm and Steve James offer a wide-ranging Q&A covering in-depth explorations of shadow tantra, Jungian archetypes, relational dynamics, and Michaela and Steve’s personal secrets for optimal performance in the face of adversity. Topics include:

• Individuation and polarization
• The unformed noodle of chaotic drama
• What makes a good man
• Female empowerment and male power trips
• Pitfalls of embodiment
• The natural state of human beings
• The birthright of embodiment
• Examples of embodiment into old age
• Steve analyses Michaela
• What makes Michaela so prolific
• How to build large capacity
• Developing concentration power
• Strategies for managing the nervous system under chronic stress
• Michaela’s big picture motivation
• Michaela on Steve’s traits
• Michaela on tantra
• Sacred ordinariness
• Tantric shadow work
• Jungian shadow work
• Common misinterpretations of shadow work
• Working with Kali
• Jungian mythical archetypes
• Individuation and childhood development
• Early imprints of love
• Strategies for working with strong relational patterns

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