Podcast #16: True Radiance, Beyond Youth and Healing Heartbreak


Join Michaela in this women’s Q&A, recorded live at a recent Wild Woman’s Way event.

Topics include:

  • Strategies for unraveling patterns of sexual shame
  • Should I quit my job to become more feminine?
  • Is my career killing my sex-life?
  • Michaela’s pre-work morning ritual to stimulate creativity and productivity
  • Strategies for accessing feminine pleasure amidst a stressful working life
  • Training and conditioning the body for both work and pleasure
  • Michaela’s strategies for keeping pleasure on tap throughout the work day
  • What are men are attracted to?
  • The role of youthful beauty in attracting men
  • Secrets of how to attract a man when you are no longer physically young
  • How to cultivate powerful radiance as you age
  • Superficial radiance and superficial men
  • Attracting a deep man
  • Angela Farmer as an example of a woman with a radiant love body in her late 70s
  • True radiance vs fake radiance
  • Why typical tantric dogma disempowers women
  • The magnetism of radiance
  • How to manage unwanted attention as a radiant woman
  • How to awaken and enliven the pelvic floor
  • Learning the different layers of the pelvic floor and vagina
  • Men’s arousal cycles and how they learn about sex
  • The links between early sexual trauma and the availability of hardcore pornography
  • Michaela’s controversial advice about ensuring heart connection in sex with a new partner
  • Practical advice on healing heartbreak
  • Why it’s so important to address sexual trauma as soon as possible
  • How unhealed sexual trauma reappear to haunt you in later life