Podcast #12: The Art of Touch, Building Shamanic Power and the Genius of the Heart

Join Michaela in this lively Q&A from the second in the Special Instruction Series of workshops delving in to the specifics of applied sexual yoga.

Topics include:

  • the art of touch
  • how to develop sensitivity to your partner’s body and tensions
  • various theories of the subtle body
  • how physical tension affects the shape of the subtle body
  • the halo effect in saints and gurus
  • how to release and open the subtle body through touch
  • how to move energy with attention
  • higher considerations than masculine and feminine in the subtle body
  • shamanic power and the subtle body
  • the links between classical deity yoga and partner practice
  • difference in roles between oneness and polarity
  • stickiness and being the shamanic hollow tube
  • how to clear the subtle body from the daily accumulation of stress and strain
  • needy touch vs clean touch
  • the essential prerequisites of cosmic sex
  • the effects of porn on sex
  • the unique sexual conditioning of the younger generation
  • addressing erectile dysfunction
  • the relativity of the heart
  • practice and genius
  • generosity the greatest gift
  • skills vs salvation
  • the building blocks of relationships
  • irreconcilable differences in spiritual orientation
  • solving lack of sexual attraction
  • applying the weekend’s lesson practically in relationship
  • what to do if you partner isn’t interested in Tantra

Recorded in Ojai, California (2017)