Podcast #10: Secrets of the Human Energy System, Unblocking Pleasure and Whole Body Ecstasy

Join Michaela and Steve in this Q&A excerpt from the recent first installment of their Sexual Yoga Special Instruction Series.

This podcast includes:

  • Steve on the relationship between tension, stretching, and mobility
  • Healing major surgery trauma through movement
  • The mechanics of acquiring effortless skill
  • How somatic learning can inform your everyday life
  • The role of confusion in learning
  • Michaela on the shock-therapy approach to personal growth
  • Why sometimes you have to live out your strong attractions
  • How to make your own distinctions
  • Leveraging the body for psychological payoffs
  • Pushing your edge and the self image
  • The spiritual hamster wheel
  • Energetic conductivity and resistance
  • Sensitivity and discrimination
  • The human energy system and full body orgasms
  • Identifying resistance in the system
  • The glass ceiling of tension in sexual yoga
  • Upping the pleasure threshold
  • The effect of initial sexual experiences on future pleasure
  • How to unblock orgasm problems in a woman
  • Clitoral vs G-spot orgasms
  • Using the G-spot to unlock whole body pleasure
  • Relaxed or limp?
  • The role of tension in pleasure
  • Working with unconscious relationship dynamics
  • God sex and co-dependency
  • Can I be intimate with abandonment issues?
  • Intimacy and fundamental loss
  • How can I practice sexual conductivity in the body without a partner?